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You can master Reiki by attending a series of seminars. They vary by degree of advancement:

Reiki First Degree seminar aligns you to Reiki for life. There are four attunements which give you the ability to radiate Reiki from your hands for use on yourself and others.

Reiki Second Degree seminar introduces the Reiki symbols or energy patterns. You will discover how to use them to potentise your Reiki, to send Reiki on a distance and to promote harmony, intuition and personal growth in your life.

Reiki Third Degree seminar provides many of the benefits of the Reiki Master level with advanced techniques to further your personal growth and awareness.

Reiki Master Training: Selected Reiki Third Degree graduates are trained to become Reiki Masters.

Call us for course dates.

We hold The First Degree of Universal Reiki (Traditional Reiki) Seminars on a regular base. Please let us know if you are interested in attending in one of our seminar. We usually conduct it on weekends at our place 186 Bealey Av., City Centre, Christchurch. The time for the seminars is from 10:00 to 15:00 on both days.

We look forward to seeing you at our seminars.
 First Degree seminar - $150 (50$ discount for partners and disabled, 25$- for the group of three or more, 25$ - for the early-birds)
 Second Degree seminar - $250 (25$ discount - for the early-birds)
 Third Degree seminar - fee varies
 Master training - fee varies
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