Is a new technique that rapidly eliminates pain.
It works by instantly removing the cause of pain, in many cases with a gentle SOFT TISSUE treatment that takes only seconds.
It can even be effective for severe chronic pain.
Rapid results for many Headaches, Sciatica, Neck and Back Pain, even discs, Chronic Fatigue, TMJ Syndrome, Migraines, Dizziness, Vertigo, and Pain Syndromes of all kinds, including Abdominal Pain!

The Developer and reaseacher of Pain Neutralization Technique is Dr. Stephen Kaufman, Doctor of Chiropractic and Nutritionist (USA).

A word from Dr. Kaufman:
I always wondered if there weren't something like a "magic switch" that could turn off trigger points and the pain they cause like a light. In 1989 I set out on a research project to find this "Holy Grail". The goal: find some way to easily turn off trigger points and pain on the spot, by removing the cause, using only light pressure on neurological reflexes. It took more than a decade, but I've now developed numerous procedures that seem to do just that, in many cases. No devices or products are involved, only soft tissue reflexes.

A word about pain:
although many report rapid improvement in pain, these procedures do NOT just cover up pain! They work in many cases by correcting the cause of the chronic or acute pain, which is often muscular dysfunction. Our procedures are NOT THE SAME as any other technique!!! They are completely DIFFERENT from Nimmo, Travell, myofascial release, strain counter strain, or any other type of treatment! They are a totally new approach to turning off the problem, not covering it up!
 25 minutes session fee is $20
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