V I S C E R A L   M A S S A G E 

Unique Visceral massage for women's problems
This unique Siberian massage offers powerful relief from the pain, blockages and discomfort of conditions of the uterus and abdomen.
If you, or someone you know, suffers from Endometriosis, PMS or retroverted uterus, this massage could make a significant difference. If you are preparing to conceive, have given birth, are infertile or have suffered a miscarriage, this treatment is for you. If you had an operation or have scar tissue from any cause, a session can help.

Tatiana Gets, Siberian Visceral Massage Therapist, and the latest in a long line of reputed practitioners of this form of massage.

"This unique Siberian massage has been passed on for many generations to the women in my husband's family. His grandmother was very famous for doing this massage until the age of 90. People all over Siberia came to see her and got healed. She passed on this secret to his mother who is still practicing it at the age of 85. This secret was passed on to me as a unique family skill a number of years ago. I honor this privilege very much because I see a great result every time I apply it to someone."
 ½ hour session - $40-00
 an hour session - $70-00
 hospital/house calls - $110-00 for an hour
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