Facial Neuromuscular massage originated in Egypt and is a unique method that combines ancient knowledge together with the latest scientific research in skin rejuvenation.

Facial Neuromuscular massage is a gentle yet very powerful technique that works on a deep level to release stressed facial muscles and retrains them to once more hold their normal relaxed and youthful position.
This natural, anti-aging skin-stimulating treatment can effectively slow the aging process and has an immediate effect of softening fine lines, reversing many of the outward manifestations of skin aging, wrinkles and sagging.

The primary benefits of this gentle energising massage technique are:
  • Deep relaxation and release of tension in the facial muscles
  • Triggers the skin’s repair mechanism to produce healthy epidermal tissue growth
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Balances the hormonal flow in the body by working with the meridian lines
  • Increases blood circulation enhancing skin rejuvenation
  • Is a natural, affordable and less invasive treatment than Botox
Be impressed with younger, visibly renewed, healthier and radiant skin that has a lasting afterglow.

Treat Yourself like Cleopatra!
Come and experience Facial Neuromuscular massage administered by professional trained by ITEC (London) at our centre.
 $60-00 for 1 hour session
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