W H A T   I S   R E I K I ? 

  • The Ancient System of Natural Healing
  • The Medicine of the Future
  • A hands-on energy therapy to restore balance and harmony to body and mind
  • Relieves stress & tension
  • Relaxes and vitalizes body, mind and spirit
  • Promotes the rapid healing of injuries
  • Eases the pain of Acute and Chronic illnesses
  • Is complementary to Eastern and Western Medicine
Reiki is a hands-on healing technique rediscovered, after extensive study of ancient scriptures, in the late 1800s by a Japanese doctor Mikao Usui. The word 'Reiki' means Universal Energy. This system of natural healing is based on allowing Reiki to flow via the hands to the receiving client, allowing its healing power to take effect.

Reiki has become increasingly popular as a complementary therapy in the West since 1970 when it was brought to America. It is now considered the number one self-help system in the world. New Zealand's Olympic dual medalist Hayden Roulston credits Reiki with his success. The holistic approach of Oriental medicine sees physical disease as arising from underlying imbalances in the body's energy system. The effect of Reiki is to gently expose the inner conflicts which are the source of disharmony. Reiki helps to restore balance and harmony in a subtle way.

How to acquire Reiki?
The only way to activate Reiki in your hands is through a process of attunement which is carried out by a qualified Reiki Master during a two day Reiki Seminar. Reiki may be used effectively by people of all ages and backgrounds. Anyone can be attuned to Reiki for use on themselves and others.

Reiki seminars
You can master Reiki by attending a series of seminars. They vary by degree of advancement. Reiki First Degree seminar aligns you to Reiki for life. Reiki Second Degree seminar introduces the Reiki symbols or energy patterns. Reiki Third Degree Seminar provides many of the benefits of the Reiki Master level with advanced techniques. Finally, Reiki Master Training is available to selected Reiki Third Degree graduates who are striving to become Reiki Masters.

Is Reiki healing always a success?
Most people with some kind of physical injury will feel relief from pain and inflammation after two or three sessions in a week, followed by a few more weekly treatments. For chronic symptoms, a greater number of treatments will often be required and can do no harm. In each session the person takes only as much of the energy as he/she needs or is able to absorb. Reiki is complementary to any kind of medical treatment and could be applied to any condition.

Although ancient in origin, Reiki is ultra-modern, being a form of the holistic 'energy medicine' of the future.
 ½ hour session - $40-00
 1 hour session - $70-00
 hospital/house calls - $90-00 for an hour
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